Warning: May cause anger

I’m not one to normally blog or speak about things like this, but I feel the need to. You can unfollow me if you would like and I will not take it personal; so with that being said, here I go. As a person, I believe in complete equality no matter what race, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, shape, or color. Although statistics can be fabricated it is certain that one thing that hasn’t been lied about is the amount of deaths encountered by PoC and shootings/hate crimes committed by those who are Caucasian towards PoC. People are literally being murdered because of HOW THEY LOOK!!!! This is so heart wrenching that I get so ill thinking about it. We, as human beings, have taken it upon ourselves to murder those we find to be inadequate due to their appearance or life style. Say this with me: “it doesn’t matter how someone looks, it’s how they treat others.” I’m not saying that just because someone treats you like shit you should eliminate them from the face of the earth; what I am saying is that just because they have different skin pigmentation, a different/no God , different physical appearance, likes/dislikes, sexual preference, hobbies, etc. doesn’t mean you have the right to treat them as if they are a lesser being than you!!!!!! Even if someone is of the same race as myself, it does not excuse hostility. NOTHING EXCUSES HATE!!! One thing I will never be okay with is detestation for others. I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that something needs to be done so nobody fears for their safety because of who they are and what they look like. A child should not fear being shot at for what they are “apparently” carrying in their pocket or because they look like someone who allegedly committed a crime. Even if they are doing something illegal, Whatever happened to the right to a fair trial?! We have completely replaced the judge with the executioner and the jury with a handgun. No one deserves to be hated but now it’s almost like everyone has to be feared. Change needs to happen and we must take off the rose colored glasses and see what life has become; Violence has become the norm and peace has become the unthinkable. I will end this with a quote said by Charlie Chaplin: “You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.” I love you all and I hope you take care of yourself.


baby call me coffee cause I grind so fine


baby call me coffee cause I grind so fine



Please take a moment to watch one of my dad’s YouTube videos. He still let’s me know the view count on this video on nearly a daily basis and I’m trying to encourage him to do more. Thank u friends



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